Cenetta is the Italian word to describe a simple, but delicious dinner, a special supper particularly in an intimate or romantic setting.

For the team at The Kitchen CT9, Cenetta describes the evening suppers that we will be hosting throughout the year.

Based upon the concept of “cucina povera”, the simple yet delicious no-waste “poor cooking” tradition from rural Italy, particularly from Southern Italy, The Kitchen is a community cafe/restaurant using food surplus from across the food industry to produce delicious, affordable food for everyone.

We believe, as Massimo Bottura says, that cooking is an act of love. We believe the simple act of sitting down to a meal together breaks down barriers, shows unity, builds equality, as well as the actual nourishment of the food itself. At The Kitchen we host all customers the same regardless of their background, culture or current social economic status. We keep our prices at a minimum but those who are able and willing to pay more are encouraged to do so, so that their donation can allow us to feed someone else for free.

We are passionate about using food surplus to tackle food inequality in our area.

Two of the Trustees of the small charity (Thanet Iceberg Project) behind the Kitchen ran for six years a highly successful supperclub, “Annie’s Supperclub”, based in Bromley. They are now looking to use their experience and background to create an intimate, relaxed space at The Kitchen of an evening.

All the menus will be based upon surplus food, highlighting not just how to “love your leftovers” and how to avoid food waste, but also to bring a spotlight on to the astounding quantity and variety of food that goes to waste. This is not just about past-its-best veg!

The evenings will consist of a set menu with a minimum donation amount requested.

Profits from the evening will go in to The Kitchen project to help support, and grow, its work.