About The Kitchen CT9

We are a small team here at the Kitchen CT9 however we have a big heart for our community.  We are run by a management team of two of the five directors of Thanet Iceberg Project, and supported by some amazing volunteers.


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Ann Newstead

Project Lead

Ann is a chef and caterer with a passion for seeing communities come together through the medium of food and a commitment to reducing food waste and transforming it into a solution to local food poverty.

Alexander Roarke

Community Liaison

Prior to working at The Kitchen as Community Liaison, Roarke was involved within the homeless community and those with wider needs. He was involved with the Aspire Homeless Project as an outreach worker and was part of the Thanet Winter Shelter.

Our Vision

We believe that community builds community: that by working together we can change things

Our Mission

To empower and serve our community through nutritious food, warm friendship and positive encouragment 

Our Values

Always compassionate, never judgemental
People at our heart
Transparency and Communication
Influencers in our field 


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