Why use

Food Surplus

The Problem

According to WRAP’s research and estimates compiled by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), approximately one-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted. 

In the UK, more than £19bn worth of food is wasted every year.


We receive weekly deliveries from FareShare Kent C.I.C, the local delivery partner of FareShare UK and a subsidiary of the Kent based charity Children & Families Ltd.

FareShare UK is a national charity supporting communities to relieve food poverty, who collect surplus ‘fit for purpose’ products from the food and drink industry and redistribute them to organisations working with disadvantaged people in the community.

On average, we receive around 150kg of food from them a week.

We take the produce they supply and use it to create delicious, low cost dishes for everyone to enjoy.

More Surplus

We also collect surplus directly from our local Marks & Spencers and Tesco branches.

In addition, we are delighted to have the support of many of the food producers, distributors as well as other restaurants who regularly donate their own surplus to us, enabling us to offer even more great food to the community.

We are committed to reducing our own waste: within the UK hospitality and food sector, the amount of food that is wasted each year is equivalent to 1.3 billion meals, or one in six of the 8 billion meals served each year.  On average 21% of food waste arises from spoilage; 45% from food preparation and 34% from consumer plates.

We seek to use as much as possible of the food donated to us (reducing waste in food prep), we encourage customers to only order what they want/what they will eat (thus reducing waste at the table), and whatever we cannot use ourselves we seek to give away direct to the community or via other local charitable causes thus keeping spoilage to a minimum.